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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Delhi EDMC Live [Final Results 2017] Ward Winner List

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Delhi EDMC MCD 2017 Live Election Updates

Are you looking for Live Vote counting updates of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD), EDMC 2017 election held on 23rd April 2017?  Want to know which party have won how many seats in Delhi Mahanagarpalika election held in 23rd April and results of the EDMC Election final chart also declared on 26 April 2017.  Check live voting and counting updates on the official website of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD), live updates of this election on Delhi News Channels, Hindi news channels, check the final reports of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on Aaj Tak, Zee News, ABP News, TV 9, India TV, Star News and on the other local news channels where live streaming election voting counting is display on the screening with videos from the vote counting centers from where the final and authorized election come.  Get information about EDMC Delhi election 2017 date, EDMC Delhi election 2017, EDMC Delhi election 2017 exit poll, EDMC Delhi election 2017 opinion poll, Delhi election 2017 date, EDMC Delhi election 2017 ward list, EDMC Delhi election opinion poll, EDMC Delhi election dateEast Delhi Municipal.

EDMC Election Live Vote Counting Results Updates: 

As per the exit post we get from various TV news channels reporters, we have listed below the opinion poll of the Municipal corporation of Delhi.

- ABP C-Voter Opinion poll predicted a clean sweep of Amit Shah-led BJP with 179 out of the 272 seats.
- AAP could win for the 26 seats,
- Congress could get 22 seats, says the opinion poll.
- Where as Others could win 22 seats.

EDMC Delhi Live Election Updates: Final EDMC Election Results 2017 Available!

East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) EDMC Mahanagarpalika election held on 23rd April in Municipal corporation of Delhi election final results are declared on 26 April 2017.  You can check final results of the EDMC 2017, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, EDMC Delhi Election, Municipal Corporation of Delhi Election, Municipal Corporation of Delhi Election 2017, EDMC Delhi Election 2017 Date, EDMC Delhi Election 2017 Notification Date, Mahanagarpalika Delhi Election 2017 Ward List, EDMC Delhi Election 2017 Voter List, Delhi EDMC Election 2017 Candidate List, EDMC Delhi Election 2017 Ward Wise Party Name, East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) Election 2017 Election Percentage.

EDMC Delhi Live Election Updates : Vote Counting Stated and Ward Wise Final Results Available!

All the information regarding ward wise East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) is available. The final ward wise election results are also publish on the official website of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD).  You can check here to name of three municipal bodies which execute the total 272 wards of the Municipal

There are total 272 municipal corporation ward list in whole Delhi.   Those 272 wards are run by Three Municipal Bodies

South East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) (SDMC)
North East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) (NDMC)
East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) (EDMC)

Here is the complete Delhi EDMC election 2017 ward list:

Zone Wise Wards List in East East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) (EDMC)

In East East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) (EDMC), there are 64 wards are present for election of EDMC 2017.  You can check live election updates of East East Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) (EDMC).

1. Sh. South Zone Anand Vihar (225)
2. Sh. South Zone Anarkali (232)
3. Sh. South Zone Azad Nagar (235)
4. Sh. South Zone Bhajanpura (253)
5. Sh. South Zone Dallupura (210)
6. Sh. South Zone Dharmpura (233)
7. Sh. South Zone Gandhi Nagar (234)
8. Sh. South Zone Geeta Colony (230)
9. Sh. South Zone Gharoli (216)
10. Sh. South Zone Ghondli (231)
11. Sh. South Zone IP Extn (227)
12. Sh. South Zone Jhilmil (238)
13. Sh. South Zone Kalyan Puri (213)
14. Sh. South Zone Khichdipur (214)
15. Sh. South Zone Kishan Kunj (221)
16. Sh. South Zone Krishna Nagar (229)
17. Sh. South Zone Kundli (215)
18. Sh. South Zone Laxmi Nagar (222)
19. Sh. South Zone Mandawali (218)
20. Sh. South Zone Mayur Vihar Phase I (209)
21. Sh. South Zone Mayur Vihar Phase II (219)
22. Sh. South Zone New Ashok Nagar (212)
23. Sh. South Zone Pandav Nagar (224)
24. Sh. South Zone Patpad Gunj (220)
25. Sh. South Zone Preet Vihar (228)
26. Sh. South Zone Raghubarpura (236)
27. Sh. South Zone Shahdara (237)
28. Sh. South Zone Shakarpur (223)
29. Sh. South Zone Trilokpuri (211)
30. Sh. South Zone Vinod Nagar (217)
31. Sh. South Zone Vishwas Nagar (226)
32. Sh. North Zone Ashok Nagar (246)
33. Sh. North Zone Babar Pur (260)
34. Sh. North Zone Brahampuri (254)
35. Sh. North Zone Chouhan Bangar (249)
36. Sh. North Zone Dilshad Colony (240)
37. Sh. North Zone Dilshad Garden (241)
38. Sh. North Zone Durgapuri (245)
39. Sh. North Zone Ghonda (255)
40. Sh. North Zone Gokalpur (262)
41. Sh. North Zone Harsh Vihar (264)
42. Sh. North Zone Jaffrabad (250)
43. Sh. North Zone Janta Colony (259)
44. Sh. North Zone Jeevanpur (261)
45. Sh. North Zone Karawal Nagar East (266)
46. Sh. North Zone Karawal Nagar West (271)
47. Sh. North Zone Kardampuri (258)
48. Sh. North Zone Khajuri Khas (269)
49. Sh. North Zone Maujpur (252)
50. Sh. North Zone Mustafabad (268)
51. Sh. North Zone Nand Nagri (243)
52. Sh. North Zone Nehru Vihar (267)
53. Sh. North Zone New Seema Puri (242)
54. Sh. North Zone New Usmaanpur (251)
55. Sh. North Zone Ram Nagar (247)
56. Sh. North Zone Saboli (263)
57. Sh. North Zone Shiv Vihar (265)
58. Sh. North Zone Sonia Vihar (272)
59. Sh. North Zone Subhash Mohalla (257)
60. Sh. North Zone Sundar Nangri (244)
61. Sh. North Zone Tukh Mirpur (270)
62. Sh. North Zone Vivek Vihar (239)
63. Sh. North Zone Welcome Colony (248)
64. Sh. North Zone Yamuna Vihar (256)

Opinion Exit polls result of Delhi Municipal Corporation

As Per to ABP C-Voter exit polls prediction:

Overall voting predictions

BJP: 52% (218 seats)
AAP: 18% (24 seats)
Congress: 18% (22 seats)
Others: 12% (8 seats)

Here is  the Zone Wise Breakup of Delhi EDMC seats.

East Delhi
BJP: 47 seats
AAP: 9 seats
Congress: 6 seats
Others: 2 seats

South Delhi
BJP: 88 seats
AAP: 6 seats
Congress: 7 seats
Others: 3 seats

North Delhi
BJP: 83 seats
AAP: 9 seats
Congress: 7 seats
Other: 3 seats

Overall voting predictions

BJP: 202 – 220 seats
AAP: 23 – 35 seats
Congress: 19 – 31 seats

Here is a zone-wise breakup of EDMC seats in Delhi

East Delhi
BJP: 45 – 51 seats
AAP: 6 – 10 seats
Congress: 4 – 8 seats

South Delhi
BJP: 79 – 85 seats
AAP: 9 – 13 seats
Congress: 7 – 11 seats

North Delhi
BJP: 78 – 84 seats
AAP: 8 – 12 seats
Congress: 8 – 12 seats