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Friday, March 10, 2017

Uttarakhand Election [Live] Vote Counting Results 2017 Winner Final Updates

A Legislative Assembly election was hung on 15 February 2017 in a solitary stage for the 69 seats of the Vidhan Sabha in the condition of Uttarakhand in India. Voting on Karnaprayag voting demographic was put off to ninth March 2017 because of the demise of BSP Candidate Kuldeep Kanwasi in a street mischance. In the past election in 2012, none of the gatherings won dominant part yet the Indian National Congress framed government with the assistance of PDF in the initiative of Vijay Bahuguna. The voter turnout for the 69 seats of Uttarakhand Legsilative Assembly that held election on 15 February was 65.64%.

Event Date Day

  • Date for Nominations 20 Jan 2017 Friday
  • Last Date for filing Nominations 27 Jan 2017 Friday
  • Date for scrutiny of nominations 30 Jan 2017 Monday
  • Last date for withdrawal of candidatures 01 Feb 2017 Wednesday
  • Date of poll 15 Feb 2017 Wednesday
  • Date of counting 11 Mar 2017 Saturday
  • Date before which the election shall be completed 15 Mar 2017 Wednesday

Assembly constituencies of Uttarakhand having VVPAT facility with EVMs.

  • BHEL Ranipur
  • Dharampur
  • Haldwani
  • Rudrapur

Voter statistics

Total 75,92,996
Male 39,23,492
Female 35,72,029
Third Gender 151
Service 97,324
Total Polling Station

Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Polls Opinion survey likewise a gathering to win or lose to become more acquainted with the principle character of the play, which in the feeling surveys and studies, win elections for gathering status, which at the details to know or the most to get out and conveyed the gathering to have the capacity to not have an administration, but rather a choice on the precision can not be 100% to be stated, but rather at times the survey results are exact election the results of the election results at a specific time battles against it to shape an incompletely and infrequently completely relies fully depends on the model, age, gender, stability, region or people, etc.

Uttarakhand Assembly Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 Opinion Polls and Survey Results –  Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal, Samajwadi Party, Independents

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Check Uttarakhand Election Live Vote Counting Results Updates 2017

You can check Live Election Updates, News, Chief Minister announcements, number of votes, total winning candidate list of Uttarakhand Election 2017 which finalized on 11th March 2017.

2017 Election Final Results: Uttarakhand Assembly Election Final Results Party Wise

The final results of Uttarakhand Assembly, Vidhan Sabha Chunav is available from official sources which you can also check online with live streaming sources such as television news channels, videos broadcasting, news beuro, local news channels.   Next day you can read all information of Uttarakhand Election final results in local news paper as well as every where including social media, television channels, news papers, online political websites, official website of Uttarakhand where you can collect the final results updates of Uttarakhand Assembly election with name of winner candidate list.   Check the current election winning Members of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly.

Summary of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly election, 2017 result

Final Results - Result declared on 11 March 2017

Summary of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly election, 2017 result

Party Seats contested

  • Indian National Congress 70
  • Bharatiya Janata Party 70
  • Bahujan Samaj Party 69
  • Uttarakhand Kranti Dal 55
  • Samajwadi Party 25
  • Independents -

Total - -

Uttarakhand Election Final Results 2017 - Winner Candidate List
This article is about general information of Uttarakhand Election Winning Candidate list who have elected in 69 seats in Uttarakhand Asembly election, elected by the voters.   You can compare the previous election of Uttarakhand Assembly Chunav held in 2012 year list given below with latest election held in 2017 and know which party have increased number of seats this time and how many number of seats of which party has been decreased in Uttarakhand Chunav 2017 election final results.

  • Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2017 Exist Polls Results 2017
  • Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Final Election Results 2017
  • Uttarakhand Chunav 2017 Live Updates 2017
  • Members of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly

Check Live Updates of Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2017

You can check latest news to know what is happening in Uttarakhand after election as results announcement held on 11th March 2017 and people are eager to know more about their elected MLA/Vidhayak/Aamdar to whome they have voted and finally that candidate have won the election.   Uttarakhand resident people can find information of winner candidate list, candidate profile, background of MLA election in the election from the official sources where there candidate fill up, provides their information during application submission and this information is uploaded on the government website such as election commission of Uttarakhand.

Constituencies Wise Candidate List of Uttarakhand Assembly Election Final Results

There are total70constituencies in Uttarakhand, all the information of70Constituencies is available on official website along with winner candidate list from your constituency.   We have listed below the name of all constituencies which are a part of this70constituencies of Uttarakhand State Assembly Vidhayak Chunav 2017.

How to Check Final Election Results of Uttarakhand Assembly Chunav 2017

If you want to read about constituencies wise candidate list of Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha election which declared final results on 11th March 2017 for 2017-2022 period, then visit the official website of Uttarakhand Election Commission where the official sources can provide you live streaming or live videos or live updates of the election results time to time.

2017 Final Result: Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2017 Final Results Party Wise (Exit Poll)

Opinion polls

  • Polling firm/Link/Portal Survey Dates INC BJP Others
  • Uttarakhand Post 10 January 2017 36 29 5
  • ABP News - Lokniti 5 January 2017 22-30 (26) 35-43 (39) -
  • India Today - Axis 5 January 2017 18-23 (21) 41-46 (44) 2-6 (4)
  • India Today - Axis 14 October 2016 26-31 (29) 38-43 (41) 1-4 (3)

Polls Average 28 38 4

2012 Final Result: Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Election 2012 Final Results Party Wise Result of Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2012

Final Results: Result declared on 11 March 2017.

Summary of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly election, 2017 result

Exit polls

News24/Today's Chanakya
India Today/Axis

  • Indian National Congress 70
  • Bharatiya Janata Party 70
  • Bahujan Samaj Party 69
  • Uttarakhand Kranti Dal 55
  • Samajwadi Party 25
  • Independents -

Current parties in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly from 2012 to 2017 is given below which replaces with new parties for the term of 2017 to 2022  Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal,
Samajwadi Party, Independents

You can also check Uttarakhand Final list of winners party wise.  The participated parties are - Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal, Samajwadi Party, Independents

Uttarakhand Assembly Constituencies List - Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017

Distribution of 70 seats in Uttarakhand - Distribution per district

S. No. Constituency

1 Purola (SC)

2 Yamunotri

3 Gangotri

4 Badrinath

5 Tharali (SC)

6 Karnaprayag

7 Kedarnath

8 Rudraprayag

9 Ghansali (SC)

10 Devprayag

11 Narendranagar

12 Pratapnagar

13 Tehri

14 Dhanaulti

15 Chakrata (ST)

16 Vikasnagar

17 Sahaspur

18 Dharampur

19 Raipur

20 Rajpur Road (SC)

21 Dehradun Cantt

22 Mussoorie

23 Doiwala

24 Rishikesh

25 Haridwar

26 BHEL Ranipur

27 Jwalapur (SC)

28 Bhagwanpur (SC)

29 Jhabrera (SC)

30 Piran Kaliyar

31 Roorkee

32 Khanpur

33 Manglaur

34 Laksar

35 Haridwar Rural

36 Yamkeshwar

37 Pauri (SC)

38 Srinagar

39 Chaubattakhal

40 Lansdowne

41 Kotdwar

42 Dharchula

43 Didihat

44 Pithoragarh

45 Gangolihat (SC)

46 Kapkot

47 Bageshwar (SC)

48 Dwarahat

49 Salt

50 Ranikhet

51 Someshwar (SC)

52 Almora

53 Jageshwar

54 Lohaghat

55 Champawat

56 Lalkuan

57 Bhimtal

58 Nainital (SC)

59 Haldwani

60 Kaladhungi

61 Ramnagar

62 Jaspur

63 Kashipur

64 Bajpur (SC)

65 Gadarpur

66 Rudrapur

67 Kichha

68 Sitarganj

69 Nanakmatta (ST)

70 Khatima