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Why Voter Are Important in Election?

"Election Results" is the most "Changing the Theme" events in country India, because as India is the Democracy country which is second most population and seventh by area in the world.   Whenever there are elections in India whatever the level of election, most people are ready to elect their right candidates through the power of their Vote and it is a real power of changing the theme that is one vote can change the system of country - the system of government which is from local government to country/national level government.   A Voter, who votes, and it is a right "Right" of the voter who can vote from local election to national level elections which takes place every five years of period and if a voters missed his/her election Right present time, then he will also miss an opportunity to elect right leader to the location he lives as well as this links directly to higher level government for a step of progress of the nation.  We are given some points to know why elections and voters are important and why candidates run behind the voters during elections.

There are many of us who supports to nominated candidates as per their eligibility, popularity, work experience and social activity of nominated candidates, a candidate who is nomination for the post of election held during the period.  The title of the post can be local body government to nationalized government.  Mostly, voters elects following candidates through the power of voting.
  • Civic/Ward Officer/Nagarsevak/Ward Leader
  • Sarpanch/Panchayati
  • MLA - Member of Legislative Assembly - (Aamdar)
  • Member of Parliament - (MP)
Civic or Ward Officer, who participates in Municipal Corporation to present the problems and takes solutions of local ward area of city and it is very important and most social, first step of government election where local body government and people can elect right candidate who suppose to do progress in their ward faithfully.  Civic also known as Nagarsevak, Member of Municipal Corporation, Ward Officer or Ward leader, and thus by electing right civic, voters can help to develop their ward through the election of Municipal Corporation of their city, which takes place every five years

Sarpanch or Panchayati, whose role is to represent his Village/Taluka/City/Area to district level government that is district headquarters also known as Zilla Panchayat/Zilla Parishad to present the problems and takes solutions for his village, taluka, city and area he is representing.   This is a major role at a level of Village, which progress is depends on the Sarpanch activity and work.   So, by electing right candidate, voters can help to develop their village through the election of Zilla Panchyati elections.

MLA - Member of Legislative Assembly, a leading & major role at a constituency of Vidhan Sabha election, who represents the problems and take solutions of the area he is leading to the state level government also known as Aamdaar, MLA.   This is most important role to represent and get solve problems and take solutions on the area representing by MLA and thus by electing right MLA, Aamdar, voters can help to make progressive their area through the Vidhan Sabha elections which lead by Chief Minister of the state.

Member of Parliament - MP, is a leader at national level to lead the Loksabha Constituency and represent the area national level to get solve problems and solutions of the people.   By electing right candidates, people can get solve the problems and develop their area by advances of the role of MP who can provide the facilities and make area progressively through the elections of Loksabha which leaded by Prime Minister of the country.

So, by this, we understand that how elections are very important and major importance of the Voters who can change the government by voting right candidates who is eligible, most social and have faithful to make progressively.

But Voting is not the only work that need to do by Voters.  They should follow up the election processes till the final results to know how the system of election works and know whether right candidate is elected or not, what is the present trend of election, understand the present government work and how much progress they have done in last five year, what you have got from the present government.  Overall of these points, a voters need to understand and thus be alert while voting next time whenever elections take place and vote with trend and as per the need of present situation or it is full right of the voter to who he should vote and with out any burden he need to use of right "Right" given by the constitution of India.

Check the election results of which you have vote recently and know whether your decision of election was right or have you elected right candidate or know why people have elected the winning candidates etc.   You can also read the same information about elections in local news paper as well as online blogs and news websites.

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Why Voter Are Important in Election?
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